The Legend of Jackacuda’s

With the largest fishing vessel fleet in the state of Florida, Destin is branded the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. Along with that title comes all the legendary fish tales, fishing lingo and secret fishing holes, some widely known and others secretly kept. Every great ‘Honey Hole’ has a story, and this is the story of Jackacudas. During the mid 1980’s the Tenaco 80 was dropped to create an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico and quickly became the spot to catch monster amberjacks.

A decade later, legendary Destin Charter Boat Captain Dale Beebe set out to catch the celebrated monster amberjacks, but all they caught that summer day were barracuda. Barracuda have a way of putting on a spectacle and the fish jumped in and out of the water delivering a show for all that were on the boat. On his way back from the trip, surrounding local Captains jumped on the radio to see how Captain Beebe and his response was “All I caught today were Jackacudas!” From that day forward the Teneco 80 spot was reborn as the Jackacudas Spot!

Local Captains continue to bring their charters to this spot to catch the infamous ‘Jackacuda’s.’ As with the famed fishing honey hole, Jackacuda’s Seafood + Sushi was created to bring excitement through food combined with a relaxing atmosphere bringing together locals, friends, family and tourists.

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