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No matter the time of year, everyone loves a bonfire. But, have you ever tried a beach bonfire? If you’re staying in one of our 30A vacation homes or condos this summer, you’ll want to experience 30A beach bonfires. South Walton County is one of the only areas that allow beach bonfires, so don’t miss out! 30A Beachside Bonfires is the premier company for setting up your beach bonfire. They do all the work so you can have fun! Booking a beach bonfire with 30A Beachside Bonfires is easier than ever. Their beach bonfire packages include the bonfire, set up and clean up, someone to tend to the fire, permit, and firewood. If you want to go a step further, they offer a variety of add-ons, including extra tables and chairs for a larger group, Bluetooth speakers for music, and our personal favorite – s’mores! 30A Beachside Bonfires offers two different packages depending on how much fun you want to have. The “basic package” runs for three hours, provides ten chairs and four tiki torches. For maximum fun, opt for the “deluxe package.” This package runs for four hours and provides 20 beach chairs with four tiki torches. With a variety of public beach access points along 30A, 30A Beachside Bonfires is able to accommodate any of these areas. Interested in a beach bonfire on 30A? Call 30A Beachside Bonfires at 850-687-0572 today!